Liminality - My Last Breath

First official Musicvideo of Liminality from - My Last Breath

From the EP "Lessons Never Learned"


Director: Stephan Zenz

Assistant Director: Matthias Jurkovicts

Production Assistant: Andreas Schinko

Cast: Nina Pinchy

Camera: Stephan Zenz

Cut: Stephan Zenz

VFX: Stephan Zenz

Set Design: Andreas Schinko, Matthias Jurkovicts, Stephan Zenz

Set Light: Andreas Schinko, Matthias Jurkovicts

Studio: Artstyle Productions

Studio Light: Bernhard Speer

Make Up/Hair: Sabi van Skuld

Making-Of Photography: Jolly Schwarz Photography

Catering: Pia Wunderl, Heike Lang

Special thanks to: Willi Kodym